An app to keep everyone ‘appy: See it, Report it

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There is no need for local residents to wait for their councillors to do something about environmental trouble on their street.

If you did wait with our 3 Labour councillors in Whalley Range in Manchester you might be waiting a long time.

Every resident can report things directly to Manchester City Council through the e-mail system at [email protected]
If they attach a pic there is an additional record and they will get an acknowledgement.

An alternative is to use ‘Love clean streets‘ which has an app. This allows a report to be generated with location using GPS and a pic taken there and then. This was developed after the London Olympics of 2012 and I have been quite impressed so far. Certain things are not being done and at the moment it is unclear why.

If we all do our bit we will improve the area.

Good to be out and about meeting local people


It’s good to be out on doorsteps meeting local people and delivering leaflets.

Delivering leaflets throughout the neighbourhood is a great way to see what is going on and what has changed. All sorts of things like graffiti, litter, fly-posting and fly-tipping are ruining our area and whatever I see that needs attention I can report. It is also an opportunity to meet local people and catch up. I know so many people who i have helped over the years. There are of course those who are not keen to see politicians of any sort and some of the comments and looks bring a smile to my face.

Eyesore NO MORE


What was once the Polex Hotel is now reinstated as smart semi-detached family homes.

It is very interesting seeing the wheel go full circle. These pairs of houses were at one time connected and became the Polex Hotel. In it’s later life it was not well maintained, occupants complained about various things and it was also associated with anti-social behaviour. Attempts were made by the owners to demolish them and build more flats. Fortunately this did not happen and now the pairs of houses have been separated and restored as semi-detached homes. They look great, are in a lovely part of Whalley Range. I hope those who live in them enjoy it.

Dollops of tarmac: what a waste of money and time


Does Manchester City Council think that this sort of thing is doing anything helpful apart from keeping a couple of guys in jobs wielding buckets and spades and dollops of tarmac? Are they sent out with a lorry load of tarmac and told to get rid of it. What a waste of money. Is this doing any good? Before long it crumbles and gets washed down the drain. This is typical of the way Manchester’s Labour Town Hall bosses waste money. When money is in short supply it’s more important than ever that we get good value for it.

Great to see Mayfield Mansions getting a facelift and more


This block of apartments on Alexandra Road South, Whalley Range is undergoing really major refurbishment. I can remember being inside with tenants who had major complaints and frustration that nothing was being done. It was awful but the block has real character. it’s still a problem getting inside to deliver personal letters. I never like seeing leaflets fall in a pile just inside the communal space. I hope the owner of the period property next door will follow suit and restore it rather than sit still and let the property continue to deteriorate. The coach house at the rear has also been renovated. What a great place to live just over the road from our fabulous Alexandra Park which is currently being restored.

Took time but at last homes going up on derelict site and trouble spot


This site at 140 Withington Road, Whalley Range has for years been an eyesore but also a trouble spot and cut through. It’s really good to see a building under construction. At first site it looks like an exact match with it’s neighbour to which it is attached but planners have allowed further extension to side and rear to provide more accommodation. This seems a small price to pay for homes on this once awful site. Lets hope we will see more like this.

Increasing numbers of ‘Sold’ signs shows economic recovery picking up


As I have been out walking the streets in my area I have been struck by the increase in the number of houses sold. It is one indicator that the economy is recovering. Another is the increase in the amount of work i see being done on houses with new roofs and extensions. There remains the worry of another housing bubble with price inflation. Successive governments have never built enough new homes and some developers are sitting on land.

How did this dreaful dormer get planning permission?


On Stanley Road in Whalley Range one house stands out with an attic extension which is out of character to the other houses on the road but inside a Conservation Area.

I know it is at roof level and that not everyone is walking about with their eyes cast roof-wards but I was shocked to see the dormer extension at the front of this house. It is clearly not in anyway a match now with its partner that its attached to. Along the road there have been other new builds and as far as I can see all have maintained a roof profile with windows in a style similar to the original Victorian houses. I would have expected Labour’s Town Hall bosses to preserve the character of the road in this way but somehow this house has got away with something different. It no doubt allows more living space so good for the landlord but looks very odd and sticks out like a sore thumb.

This makes a mockery of a ‘Conservation Area’.

Fly-posting is dangerous in a place like this even for a good cause


Widespread fly-posting is making our area look a mess. I am not sure what regulations apply to advertising of this sort when banners or posters are erected on private property like the railings round the Ghita Bhavan. When it’s on council property like street railings it is clearly under council control. When the council gives permission it is either a source of revenue or free advertising I assume.

Putting an advertising banner in a spot like this is clearly designed to attract the attention of drivers at the traffic lights on Wilbraham Road as they come down Alexander Rd South. It might be advertising a helpline but it is difficult to see this as being ideal when drivers may be distracted especially if they want the number of this phone line.

April and soggy autumn leaves still not cleared


I am shocked that there are still leaves on some pavements and roads in our area in April, when they fell in the autumn. It is a clear indication that street cleaning is not being maintained at the highest level but also makes me wonder what our 3 local Labour Coucillors have been doing. As I walk around our area I report this sort of thing and will expect it to be cleared away by the council. If I can do this on Park drive, Clarendon Rd and Spring Bridge Rd for example why on earth have our councillors not done it months ago? Perhaps they are too busy doing other things but when they are being paid £16,000 pa I think this is something we should expect them to have done.